Is Google Making us Stupid?

Is google making us stupid? over the years we’ve had this great, and fast search engine making our lives easier. We can find what we want quicker. It’s a good thing. But is it lowering our intelligence? I do not think so, but it lowers our ability to want to read very much and it makes us lazy. Still, it is a very useful tool. It’s so convenient and easy, however. I think it’s ridiculous to presume that it’s making us stupid. Technology can make us forget certain things. But for a search engine, it’s really useful. The article I’m writing about says it will make people skim through writing online nowadays; anything too long won’t be read. And this is true. Our attention spans have become shorter. We want to see what we want, and we want to see it quick. So in the end, we can come to the conclusion that it does not actually make us stupid, but it makes us quicker to find what we’d like, teaching us a new way of speed-learning. Old methods, unfortunately don’t hold us much value, as reading long articles is certainly harder to sit through now. We like short and sweet. 


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